LUX Film Prize: Europe's citizens vote on Europe's films

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·Dec 18, 2022·

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The nominations for the LUX Audience Film Award are in: there are five special films, all taking a political or social perspective, and they are all European films.

Alcarràs, a film about the conflict between Catalan farmers and the excesses of the energy transition. Close: a sensitive drama from France about youth, family and alienation. Triangle of Sadness: an absurdly ironic Danish masterpiece about the excesses of high society and modern class society.

The Portuguese film Irrlicht, a science fiction musical that takes up the subject of homosexuality, is quite different. Also in the running: the thriller Burning Days. Among the nominated films, he is the only one not from an EU country; a film about corruption, environmental destruction and politics in Turkey, which premiered in Cannes.

"There are so many talented directors and they don't just deliver entertainment," said Mike Downey of the European Film Academy, "there is a social element to their films, they deal with social justice and human rights. It's an essential part of cinema to explore who we are, what makes up our society, what we need to change and what those changes ultimately mean."

The prize is awarded by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy in Berlin. It is considered the successor to the LUX Prize, which the European Parliament has awardedvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv since 2007. But even in the new form, he is still addressing the members of parliament, says Mike Downey: "He also invites the members of the EU parliament to think about a few things, perhaps to look at them from the perspective of different cultures and to broaden their horizons for new ideas, to expand places and themes."

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